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The boat trip within Queen Elizabeth National Park is done on the impressive Kazinga Channel a 40 kilometer water long natural channel that links Lake Edward plus Lake George. Normally the boat sets off every day at either 09.00 am local time or at 2:00pm in the afternoon – local time. This launch cruise may take anything from 2 – 5 hours to well explore the water and the wildlife along the shores of the Kazinga Channel. There are professional guides right on the boat who will be give you all the necessary information pertaining this safari or tour as well as answer any questions that may arise about the wildlife or anything else. In addition, the professional as well as well experienced guides will point out any wildlife which you may have failed to notice.

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Guests Viewing Hippos along the kazinga Channel

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One of Our Boats during a safari


Guests enjoy a sunset Cruise

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We ensure there is a professional guide on the boat

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Boats have a roof to shield our you from harsh weather

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powerful engine boats

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Some of the animals sited while on the boat

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Guests aboar one of the irungu boats

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Taking a cruise on the Kazinga Channel is among the highlights of Uganda safaris within Queen Elizabeth Park. the launch cruise offers great chances to take pictures since the boat drifts slowly just by the shores of the channel. The Kazinga Channel supports the biggest number of Hippos in the whole of Africa. Actually an adult male Hippopotamus weighs more compared to a fully loaded Land- Cruiser. Hippos don’t swim however they just bounce their bodies at the bottom of the water in which they are in. They normally stay under water jut as you will notice in the Kazinga Channel so as to safe guard their rather sensitive skin, and actually if you took a night time cruise on the channel you will actually discover that there are not so many hippos since most of them will be grazing on-land.

You will see Crocodiles although 8 000 years back these crocodiles were removed from this lake because of volcanic eruption however, just in the recent years they returned coming from River Semliki. By the shore of the channel you will not fail to notice Monitor.

During the afternoon boat ride, you can spot large herds of Elephants, Buffaloes, and a number of lone buffaloes within the water which would have been kicked-out from one of the herds, hence finding better protection from different predators like lions by staying in the water. Predators as well as nocturnal animals normally come to the shores in the late afternoons for a drink. In addition, a large number of antelopes like the Waterbuck as well as the Uganda Kob also come here to quench their thirst.

The Kazinga Channel is not only a wonderful place to only bird lovers, but as well to those who may actually not be passionate birders as they will definitely love what they see with a wide array of colorful beautiful birds soaring near to the water surface. Among the common species to look out for are the Martial Eagles, African spoonbills, Cormorants, African Skimmers, Pelicans, Papyrus Gonolek, in addition to the occasional hard to pin down Shoebill Stork.

Therefore a launch cruise along the Kazinga Channel is something that shouldn’t be missed while on your Uganda safari in Queen Elizabeth Park or southwestern Uganda at large.